Frequently Asked Questions

What is Low Cost Transfers Spain?

Low cost transfer spain is a service company from travel industry that operates online and specializes in all kinds of transfers and tours throughout the Spanish territory.

How much for a transfer?

You can check our prices online through our website at any time of day, just to fill out the form at our home page and quickly get the price of your destination. The price shown on our website is the price of its transfer without having any additional last minute.

How can I make a reservation?

Only you must complete all the details of your booking, read the general contracting conditions TERMS & CONDITIONS, pay for it and once the payment is accepted, we will send you a voucher with the confirmation of your transfer.

How can I pay?

It only accepts payment via PayPal or credit card. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

How will I contact with the driver?

At the airport in the arrivals area you will find a representative of Low cost transfer with your name written on a board. If you have any difficulty in finding the driver on your booking confirmation you will find a 24h. phone number. Which you can call and our agents will be happy to help.

How long will the driver wait for us?

The driver usually waits 60 min. from the arrival of the flight. After this time if there is no notice from you the driver of the passengers will leave the airport. If the luggage or in the customs controls you have been delayed for more than 30 min. after the arrival of your flight, please contact our office at 24h. phone number. It appears in your reservation, to make sure the driver is waiting for you.

What happens if my flyght is delayed?

If your flight is delayed do not worry, drivers controle the flight through the screens from the airport. If your flight delayes for more than 2 hours, please call our 24 hour phone. Found in your reservation.

What happens if my flyght is cancelled?

If your flight is canceled, please call our 24 hour phone. as soon as possible to reorganize your transfer. It could be possible that you have to pay some extra money.

I wish to know in what kind of vehicle we will travel?

We do not guarantee the type of vehicle in which you will travel. However, depending on your group we will use micro-buses and coaches for large groups and for groups of 1-4 persons using tourism type vehicles and taxis.

The transfer will be directly?

Our goal is to offer a service door to door. The vehicle will take you directly to your accommodation, and occasionally because of problems of access it could be note to reach the door of their accommodation, in that case they will be left as close as possible.

How about children and baby's?

Once you make your reservation you must concedering the number of passengers and clarify how many children o baby´s are Moreover remembering that the use of baby seats, at no cost, in most destinations have to be used. Remember to make your reservation request the type and number of seats they need. This option is not available for transfer in micro bus or coach.

How many baggage?

Normally, each passenger can carry a suitcase and hand luggage. If traveling with excess baggage (golf bags, bicycles, large bags, etc.). You have to comunicate to us in the resevation step 3.

Can I make a reservation if I don't have the exact address of our destination?

Yes there is no problem, select the target population and insert the address of destination (to be confirmed). Once you confirm your destination address you must notice us by email.

What happens if you travel with a wheelchair?

For the most destinations we offer the ability to book a specially vehicle adapted for disabled people, this service is only for private transfers in 1-4 passenger vehicles. We remind you that in this case the space will be reduced for luggage.

Do I have to share the car with someone?

No, all the transfers that we offer are totally private. Remember to indicate the total number of passengers.

What happens if I cancel my holidays?

Before making a reservation, low cost transfer spain read carefully the general TERM & CONDITIONS where you can find WITH how much time you can cancel your reservation without having costs for you.

Documents to hand in to the driver once you arrive at the airport...

On your arrival at the airport you must submit the voucher to the driver that previously has been sended to you once you have signed it.

What time do I have to put making the booking?

The time of arrival at the airport should be the same as the one you have in your flight ticket this is the local time of arrival at your destination and the time to colect you will be time of departure of the aircraft, the program will automatically calculate the pick up time in your accommodation.

The driver speaks english?

Most of our drivers speak English.

Is it allowed to drink, smoke or eating during the trip?

Not at all.

I don't find the destination where I am going

If you do not find your destination contact us and we are happly to help and provide you the destination as quick as possible.

Can I make a change in my booking?

Yes, of course. You can send us an e-mail at Remember modificationes are only allowed 48h. before your transfer. Under special circumstances you can call us at the 24h phone: +0034 635 67 45 14